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If I can own a credit union…I can do ANYTHING!

Serve Credit Union was established by the Des Moines Police Officers in 1931. Stories of the credit union being run out of a shoe box  have been around just as long!  We are so excited to offer the BLUE SHOE BOX free subscription boxes to our Youth Members, and bring this little piece of history into your home!

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Enrollment for April 2024 has closed. Completing the form below will enroll you in receiving the April 2025 box.

All members ages 0-17 who sign up will receive their very own annual Financial Literacy box catered to their age, potential life events, etc. Every April, Financial Literacy Youth Month, there will be activities, credit union swag, resources, special invites and more! This is the perfect way to get you excited, engaged and educated with your finances and credit union!

All recipients of the BLUE SHOE BOX must be members in good standing of Serve Credit Union between the ages of 0-17.

If you wish to unsubscribe, click here and submit your name and why you wish to unsubscribe.

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Congratulations on completing the Blue Shoe Box Program!
We are so proud of all the work you have done so far! As a graduate of the Blue Shoe Box program, you are now eligible to enter into the BSB Financial Coach Program! Click the button below to begin the next phase of your financial wellness journey!